We've Got the First Pictures from the Set of the All-Female Ghostbusters—and Yes, There's Slime

Photo: Helene Wiesenhaan/Getty

It's only day one of filming, but things are already getting messy on the set of the all female version of Ghostbusters. Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Kristin Wiig were spotted kicking some ghost butt.

Ghostbusters - Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon

McCarthy toted what looks like a new version of the ghost trap with McKinnon by her side and covered in goo (above).

Ghostbusters - Kristen Wiig
Prahl/Rocke Splash News

Although things ended up a little messy it looks like the ladies' first ghost encounter was successful—and how cute is Wiig's get-up for the movie (above)?

We learned late last year that only ladies would play the roles of the ghost-catching heroes, and we became even more excited when the official cast members were announced earlier this year. We couldn't wait to see the women in action, but it did sound like a lot of estrogen, eh? Thankfully one of our favorite Hollywood hotties was also recently added to roster. Chris Hemsworth will help the ladies take on the frightening ghost from behind the front lines as their receptionist. This looks like it's going to be a pretty hilarious film, but unfortunately we'll have to wait until July 2016 when the movie hits theaters.

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