The First Look at the Fantastic Beasts Sequel Is Here—and Full of Info

It’s been almost a year since we were transported back into the Harry Potter universe with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and we still don’t even know the name of the highly awaited sequel. But luckily the film’s official Twitter account just released the first photo from Fantastic Beasts 2 to help you witches and wizards over, and there’s a lot to learn from the cryptic Tweet.

The photo shows an application for travel submitted by magizoologist Newt Scamander (played by Eddie Redmayne). The application was denied by the Ministry of Magic for sound reason: “Subject uncooperative and evasive on reasons for last trip,” the denial reads. Considering Newt also unleashed magical beasts on New York City in the first movie, it makes sense that the Ministry is a bit skeptical of his intents. Plus, it can’t have helped that he listed his reasoning for travel as “personal” this time around.

While this first look certainly got us excited for 2018’s sequel, it didn’t reveal a whole lot about the movie’s plot. Luckily, earlier this summer Warner Bros. released more details about the film, whose screenplay was written by J.K. Rowling herself. According to the production company, the sequel opens in 1927, a few months after Newt helped capture Grindelwald.

“However, as he promised he would, Grindelwald has made a dramatic escape and has been gathering more followers to his cause—elevating wizards above all non-magical beings. The only one who might be able to stop him is the wizard he once called his dearest friend, Albus Dumbledore.” If that didn’t get you excited enough, here’s a reminder that young Dumbledore will be played by Jude Law (!) while Johnny Depp will reprise his role as Grindelwald.

“Dumbledore will need help from the wizard who had thwarted Grindelwald once before, his former student Newt Scamander.” That’s where Redmayne comes in. “The adventure reunites Newt with Tina, Queenie, and Jacob, but his mission will also test their loyalties as they face new perils in an increasingly dangerous and divided wizarding world.”

So, is it Nov. 2018 yet?

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