By Jane Asher
Dec 05, 2016 @ 11:30 am

Winter may be here for a number of U.S. cities but there's still a while to go before we return to winter in Westeros. Luckily, HBO has provided us with a bit of new Game of Thrones footage of fan-favorite characters to tide us over until Season 7 airs summer 2017.

In the network's "What's Coming to HBO in 2017" teaser, not only do we get scenes from the highly anticipated miniseries Big Little Lies, a taste of Curb Your Enthusiasm's new season—which we're also pretty, pretty excited about—and a sneak peek of the series finale of Girls, but we also have a few shots of Jon Snow (Kit Harington), Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), and Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) looking all bundled up for the chills and winds of the season.

While the scenes are extremely short, we'll take what we can get (that brooding glance from Harington as the Stark bastard and newly minted King in the North will get us through the work week). And although it's nice to see glimpses of Jon and Sansa, Arya is really getting us excited for the newest season. From the layers of fur she's wearing and the horse she's riding against a very gray sky, it seems like she's getting closer to joining up with her siblings at Winterfell after years of separation. The Starks' reunion is once more a major plotline we'll be looking forward to come 2017. (They've just been through so much, can't they all be together and happy for a least half an episode?)

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We can speculate and predict all we want, but nothing will truly be confirmed until the show returns next summer—or at least until we get a full trailer of the new season. Watch the new teaser by clicking on the video at top.