Credit: Keystone/Getty

Celebrity stylist Annabel Tollman, whose clients include Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Simpson, knows a thing or two about vintage fashion and eBay is her treasure chest. "I love eBay because I can literally buy anything in the world. The fashion isn't limited to just one season, one set of trends or my neighborhood. It's the ultimate closet!" Tollman said. As one the style experts for eBay's new Fashion Voice feature, Tollman helps you find your vintage style by explaining the pros, cons and, of course, fit and flatter of each decade. "If you are curvy like Marilyn Monroe, look for dresses from the 1950s," she recommends. "If you are slim and boyish like Audrey Hepburn, look for 1920s flapper dresses." What decade is Tollman obsessed with? The '50s screen siren (think Brigitte Bardot), which explains her current obsession of browsing eBay for "lingerie tap pants!" Watch eBay's "What's Your Vintage Era?' video and start bidding on your most flattering decade now!