Credit: Mireya Acierto/FilmMagic

Admit it: at one point or another, you've caught yourself belting out Meghan Trainor's catchy booty anthem "All About That Bass." So how does the singer, known for encouraging women to love their curves, accentuate her own assets?

"In the music video for 'Marvin Gaye’ with Charlie Puth, I wear a pencil skirt," Trainor tells us. "That is definitely the way to get your booty banging. They make you look voluptuous and amazing."

Trainor is bringing her love-your-body message to FULLBEAUTY Brands in a partnership aimed at inspiring all women to embrace their shape. As for her own style inspirations, Trainor says she looks to fashion trailblazers like Rihanna, Lana del Rey, and Marilyn Monroe for inspiration. "When I first signed my record deal, the label asked me to make a Pinterest board of my favorite looks, and those were my three top girls that I would dress like if I could steal anyone's style," she says. We hear you, Meghan!