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We’re not the first to report on the all-important subject of fashionable films, but we felt the need to give our two cents, because stylish films are our kryptonite. Aside from being so very entertaining, these films are ones we come back to again and again for the sartorial eye candy. You know it’s a timeless fashion-girl film when it still influences trends and your wardrobe decisions years after its initial release. If you ask us, the bandana trend definitely has roots in Troop Beverly Hills. Fun fact: A very stylish central female character carries each one of these flicks. Girl power.

Annie Hall (1977) (pictured above)

Diane Keaton’s portrayal of the title character in this late-’70s Woody Allen film remains a unique fashion moment in movie history. Her androgynous wardrobe is still emulated today by cool girls everywhere.

Black Swan (2010)

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Credit: © Fox Searchlight Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

The sisters of Rodarte had a hand in designing the film’s exquisite costumes. And we’re pretty much obsessed with all things ballet-inspired. Enough said!

Clueless (1995)

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Credit: © Paramount/Courtesy Everett Collection

Besides standing out for coining many of the terms that we still use today, Clueless’s early-’90s era fashions were so integral to the story that they could be considered a character in the film.