Fifty Shades of Grey Will Be a Movie Trilogy, Prince William Goes Back To School, and More

Lunchtime Links 1/7/14
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1. Rejoice Fifty Shades of Grey fans! The trilogy will be made into three films. [Hollywood Life]

2. Prince William is back at school! He enrolled in a 10-week course at the University of Cambridge. [People]

3. Watch the season two trailer of House of Cards, which returns on Netflix on February 14th. [The Verge]

4. Matt Damon showed off his tough side while carrying a hot pink "Twinkle Toes" backpack at LAX airport. [E! Online]

5. The Super Bowl just got better! H&M and David Beckham will air the first shoppable ad featuring Beckham's Bodywear collection. [Fashionista]

6. Not only can you smell like One Direction, but now you can see like them with their line of prescription eyewear. [MTV Style]

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