Fifty Shades Freed Trailer
Credit: Universal Pictures

The latest Fifty Shades Freed trailer might just be the most shocking one yet, and it’s not because it features a steamy scene or shirtless honeymoon. In the latest trailer for the third film in the franchise, Ana gets some big news: She’s pregnant.

The moment comes in the very last seconds of the trailer, which dropped on New Year’s Day. “It seems you’re pregnant, Mrs. Grey,” a woman tells her from behind the camera, as Ana’s jaw promptly drops. No word yet on what Christian’s reaction will be.

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The rest of the trailer shows more major life changes, as the couple gets married, buys a home, and takes a steamy honeymoon. And seeing as it’s Fifty Shades we’re talking about, it’s not without some crazy drama, from jealous exes to vengeful former bosses. Nothing is off the table in this wild ride from the final chapter of the trilogy.

Watch the trailer above, and catch Fifty Shades Freed in theaters on Feb. 14.