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Fifth Harmony just hit the road for Reflection: The Summer Tour and after seeing the girl group’s killer costumes, we’re pretty sure that this is what they’re singing about on their hit song, “Worth It.” To create their bedazzled blue ensembles, group members Ally Brooke Hernandez, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane Hansen, Camila Cabello, and Lauren Jauregui turned to costume designer Marina Toybina, who first worked with them back on The X Factor in 2012. Toybina chatted with InStyle by phone to provide all of the details on each member’s look and her overall vision.

“We wanted to create a vibe that’s fun onstage, because the girls just want to enjoy the way they look while performing,” said Toybina, who spent just nine days designing and crafting the five hand-beaded outfits. “When you’re under pressure, the magic just comes out.” Luckily, she had plenty of inspiration from the group, or her “muses,” as she calls them. “My main focus was to bring their image to life, and at the same time make sure that they’re comfortable on stage,” she said. “I’m aware of their body types and their likes and dislikes, so I just study their silhouettes and accenting their best features.”

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And each band member knows what she wants. For example, “Camila usually prefers a higher neck and going with separate pieces, so we followed through with the style she’s established and added different textures to make sure the costume pops,” said Toybina of the look, pictured above. But while Cabello prefers to be a bit covered up, Hernandez opts for a more revealing style. “Ally’s look is inspired by J.Lo, and so of course there’s eloquent drape and figuring out different cuts that accent her body the best,” Toybina said of the costume (shown below).

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While flattering five different body types and personalities may seem tricky, Toybina has help from the group. “Creatively, we all collaborate,” she said. “They communicate with me about what they feel comfortable in, and that’s what confidence is all about when it comes to their bodies. It’s very important to make sure that the confidence is there, and then the detailing and the styling comes second.”

But since the girls only wear the one costume for the duration of the concert, Toybina knew that it had to be a showstopper. “We needed something flashy, but at the same time it had to go well with everyone’s skin tone,” she said of deciding on the final hue. “The different gradients of blue go from royal to electric to navy, and those different shades give them that three-dimensional look.”

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Plus, it makes the group look cohesive. “They’re identified by who they are based on the way each costume is designed, but when you step aside you also see them as one person,” Toybina said. “I think that’s so powerful—especially in a girl group. That unique formation of costuming gives them that togetherness moment.” And it definitely makes a statement on tour. “My goal is to make sure that their image matches their music and their music reflects the image,” said Toybina. “It’s one package deal that just makes sense across the board.”

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