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It has been a big year for Fifth Harmony. The all-girl group had a hit song, “Worth It,” which is still stuck in our heads. They headlined their first major tour, hitting the stage in killer matching costumes for each performance. At Billboard’s Women in Music event earlier this month, they were honored with the Group of the Year award. And to top things off, they’re nominated for Favorite Group at the People’s Choice Awards, which will take place in Los Angeles on Jan. 6.

Even with so much on their plates, the band members—Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, Camila Cabello, and Lauren Jauregui—have still managed to find time to record new music. Fifth Harmony’s next album is expected to drop in 2016, and their new songs will give fans all the feels, according to Kordei. “Definitely expect more maturity and vulnerability,” she said during a recent visit to InStyle’s New York City offices. “Our last album didn’t really showcase our vulnerable side. But it’s okay to cry and get caught up in your emotions—that’s what’s realistic.”

While the lyrics of some tracks may be more emotion-driven than in the past, you can still count on dance-worthy beats. “I’d say there’s a lot more groove,” said Kordei. But no matter how their sound evolves, there’s one thing that won’t be changing anytime soon: the band’s #GirlPower mentality. “Our overall message is to love each other,” said Kordei. “Society tends to pin women against each other, but we need to treat each other with kindness and compliment one another instead. Because women’s voices are the strongest when they’re together.”

Of course, the members of Fifth Harmony are rarely apart. “We see each other so much that it’s like being with your sisters,” said Kordei. Scroll down for six things we learned about her during our chat.

1. When Fifth Harmony tours, Kordei doesn’t pack light.
“There are a lot of us when we travel, so we have to keep it limited as far as our luggage. But I am the one that does not, so everybody always yells at me. We were just in Europe, and my mom had to buy me two extra suitcases because I went shopping!”

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2. She channels Beyonce when she performs.
“When I get on stage, Beyonce is my alter ego. The way that she’s Beyonce in real life and then Sasha Fierce on stage, I’m Normani in real life and then I pretend to be Beyonce on stage. I just love that she’s constantly reinventing herself but stays true to who she is as a person—and she wears so many hats in her life.”

3. Prepping to perform with Taylor Swift during a stop on her 1989 tour was as amazing as you’d expect.
“Performing with Taylor was the best experience ever. She made us all feel super comfortable from the minute she walked into the room and asked us to teach her the ‘Worth It’ dance. Then she sat there and learned it just as we learned it the first time we ever saw it. And it just so happened that we had duplicate outfits for each girl, so Taylor ended up wearing Camila’s outfit on stage. Luckily, they are the same size and it fit her perfectly!”

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4. She’ll never forget the time that Ed Sheeran tweeted at the group.
“Ed Sheeran is a fan of ours, and he’s supported us from day one. I remember when we were in the studio one time, and he tweeted us saying, ‘Incredible,’ about one of our singles that had just come out. It was awesome. He’s really cool and a genuine person.”

5. She reads the comments people leave on her social media.
“People think that celebrities are this untouchable thing, and they forget that we’re people with emotions and feelings. They don’t realize that it affects us when they comment on pictures on Instagram or Twitter saying mean things, just as it would affect anybody. The fact that they’re not saying it in person or face-to-face does not mean that we don’t see it, and it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter. Just be kind and put yourself in the other person’s shoes.”

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6. She has plans to become a triple-threat: singer, dancer, and actress.
“I grew up dancing, so that was always my first dream. But I also have a passion for acting. I would love to step inside of a character and be somebody that I’m not, because I feel like it just gives me an outlet to express myself without being me. And that is just really cool.”