By Brandi Fowler
Updated Jun 10, 2017 @ 11:45 am
Credit: Patrick/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

The ultimate way to kick off a weekend? Lunching poolside with Ferragamo in Beverly Hills.

Tallulah Willis, Rachel Zoe, and more did just that as they headed to the stunning home of model and stylist Erica Pelosini Friday afternoon to celebrate the launch of the Daniela Villegas for Salvatore Ferragamo jewelry capsule collection.

The property overlooked the city, and attendees like actress-fashionista Cara Santana and model Bo Janicic relaxed in chic Ferragamo looks at poolside tables topped with colorful flowers, sipping lavender lemonade and munching on plates of fresh veggies, fruit, and salmon, as they enjoyed picturesque views that served as the backdrop for the low-key fête.

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A pickup truck filled with red tulips, pink peonies, and more served as the backdrop for photo opps and doubled as a display for the collection with the pieces arranged in glass cases. All of the jewelry had floral elements, notably including a black leather choker with metal tulip ends and a silver necklace complete with a bold silver iris.

“The collection is very classic in many ways,” Villegas, clad in a printed black dress and a black leather choker from her collection, told InStyle. “It’s very playful, and it’s perfect for the summer. We always put flowers in our house.” Adding that she drew her inspiration from the silk motifs of Ferragamo, Villegas told us the collection is all about flowers. “We have tulips and lilies. They’re a symbol of hope, and light, and happiness, and femininity.”

“I wanted to make it like you create your own garden and you can style your jewelry the way you feel,” she continued. “You are the garden. You are the canvas.”

As for the piece she loves the most, Villegas palmed her choker. “I love this one,” she said, adding that it’s very versatile and you can dress it up or down. “The leather is very signature of Ferragamo - and they have different sizes of tulips. We have some as well with like enamel and some with lilies.”

Credit: Marc Patrick/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

Willis, who is a friend of Villegas, raved about the collection as she mixed and mingled at the event. After shimmying in her metallic gold fringed Ferragamo jacket and matching skirt near the pick-up, she told us, “I’m just a big fan of Daniela, and I’m constantly blown away by everything she does.” She added, “I so commend her ability to not want to just stay in the lane of thin and delicate things. I think bringing in the flower element motif, and doing it in this beautiful, fresh way...I’m just really excited.”

Credit: Marc Patrick/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

The girl-about-town was just as obsessed with her look as we were, telling us she “immediately gravitated towards it” as soon as she saw it. “I felt like it was the best version of a Golden Girl, but also I wanted to go dancing, and shimmy over and over and over again. It’s a crazy like animal powered suit kind of thing.”

Santana, who wore a flowy Ferragamo dress and black and gold heels, told us she was “excited” to attend the fete, adding, “I’m just such a fan of Ferragamo. I have been ever since I was a little it was just an easy event to want to come to on a beautiful day.” She told us she was swooning over the iris choker she wore with her dress, calling it, “absolutely gorgeous.”

Meanwhile, Zoe arrived looking chic as per usual in a white suit from her pre-fall collection and white, square-rimmed Ferragamo sunnies, greeting her friend Pelosini a big hug. “I’ve been a longtime fan of Ferragamo,” she told us. “[The collection] is so beautiful. It’s so cohesive and easy to wear. I feel like it’s very kind of daytime. You can wear it at night, but it’s great. I love it.”

Credit: Marc Patrick/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

The afternoon continued on just as Villegas told us she hoped it would — an easy, casual, quintessential “chic picnic” where guests could enjoy the moment — and most importantly, the jewelry.