Fergie's Holiday Shopping Strategy Ensures a Gift Everyone Will Love

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Overwhelmed by your holiday shopping list? This season, the tastemakers of Hollywood are here to help you shop! We asked celebs for their best shopping strategies, and they answered with aplomb.

We know the drill---after months (er, or minutes if you procrastinate...) of seeking out the perfect gift for that always-picky family member, time for the grand unveiling rolls around, only for them to badly feign excitement at the present you once thought they'd love. How can you avoid it? Follow in the footsteps of Fergie, who spilled the details on her truly Fergalicious shopping strategy during a recent chat about her Outspoken line of fragrances with Avon. "I know this is bad, but I'm a good gift card person---I love to give them because I don't want to give things I'm afraid they won't want, so I'm a big gift card person, because I feel like people always love money to shop at their favorite store!" she tells InStyle.com. "For girls, it's easy for me. I have a fun little toy box to play with; I've got fragrances, cosmetics, wine, and a footwear line. But boys get gift cards! It isn't time-consuming, and everyone ends up happy."

As for the gift she's most excited to get? A little downtime with family is on the top of her wish list. "I've gotten so many wonderful gifts this year, I really couldn't think of anything else I'd want! Time with my family, that's what I want. I want time to see everybody" she says. Of course, some time spent seeing Santa is in order. "I'm excited to take my son Axl to the toy store, and to see Santa for the first time---that will be my gift," she adds. "I have to make that appointment, though. The line gets so long every year and I don't want to wait in it!"

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