Newsflash: Fergie (born Stacy Ferguson) is not the only lady who can aptly describe herself as Fergalicious—she has a sister!

Dana Ferguson is her famous sister’s biggest fan. Seriously, take a look at her Twitter account—it’s almost entirely comprised of retweets about Fergie. Sometimes Dana shares UberEats codes, but we like to think those are also directed at her sis.

Anyway, Wednesday marked Dana’s birthday, so Fergie took to Instagram and Twitter to share a sweet photo of the pair. “Sailing the high seas with my sis @danamferg FOR LIFE!!!!!!! Happy bday sis!!!!! ❤️❤️⚓️⚓️🎂🎂,” she captioned a photo of her and Dana dressed as pirates—both rocking an impressively bold red lip and gold hoop earring.

In those coordinating looks, Fergie and her little sister could be twins! They seriously have all the same features.


If that trips you out, look at this picture of Dana and their look-alike mom!

OK, she actually looks a lot like Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks—but the resemblance to her daughters is *definitely* there.