Friday marked Princess Eugenie's big wedding day, and that meant an appearance by the royal family, mom Sarah Ferguson included. In case you somehow missed the decades-long feud involving Ferguson, just know that her obvious inclusion in the festivities probably had a few people sweating.

Sarah Ferguson
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They needn't have worried though — everyone was on their best behavior. In fact, it was mostly Fergie's outfit that did the talking during her first appearance with the family in ages.

For the special event, Ferguson arrived in an emerald green Emma Louise Design dress and matching hat, holding a brown vintage bag that was reportedly her mom's.

Fergie at the wedding embed
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While her animated waves certainly got the crowd going, people watching remotely got more of a kick out of Ferguson's hat.

It was compared to everything from the Golden Snitch in Harry Potter to something from Wonder Woman's logo.

Truthfully though, the most "Wonder Woman" part of it all is that her hat somehow didn't get blown off in the gusts of wind hurling at each guest. Impressive.

Fergie at the wedding embed
Credit: ADRIAN DENNIS/Getty Images