Fergie is coming to Quentin Tarantino’s defense after a resurfaced video shows the director, who played a zombie in the 2007 film Planet Terror, biting her hard enough to leave a mark.

During a Grindhouse bonus DVD interview, featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the horror film, the Double Dutchess singer shows the camera a visible bruise on her arm, saying: “Quentin f—ing bit me. And by the end of this shoot, I will bite him back.”

Now, the former Black Eyed Peas songstress is clearing up any misconceptions about what actually happened in light of Uma Thurman’s explosive New York Times interview, in which the actress claims that the Pulp Fiction director endangered her life on the set of Kill Bill by forcing her to perform a stunt in an unsafe car.

"First off, I stand with victims everywhere no matter what genre, race, gender, age. I stand with victims period, and I don't want to take away from anyone's story. That just wasn’t my story,“ the “Fergalicious” chart topper told Entertainment Tonight at an event on Thursday evening.

Fergie explained that the scene had been taken out of context, adding, “We were just kind of having banter. We were having a little bit of fun. But make no mistake, I don't want to take away from anyone's story, and I stand with every victim and everyone's story everywhere."

In a 2007 interview for Maxim while promoting the film alongside co-stars Rose McGowan and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the 42-year-old described the arm-biting experience as “crazy cool.”

“In one scene, Quentin got really into the character and bit me. My manager has it on his camera,” she told the publication. “I’m not going to sue him or anything, but I wanted documentation. It was crazy cool.”