Fergie Is Using Oprah's Technique to Stay Focused Following Her Split

Between releasing a new album and coping with a split from husband Josh Duhamel, Fergie is performing a juggling act right now with her professional and personal lives.

That's a lot for anyone to handle and thus the Double Dutchess singer has turned to meditation to help her through. "Desire and Destiny, it's the Oprah and Deepak Chopra 21 day Meditation," she revealed in an Extra interview at the premiere of her Seeing Double visual experience Wednesday night. "It's quite amazing. Everything has to have meaning for me. Thank you, Oprah. Thank you, Deepak. I put it on and it just re-centers me."

Fergie also divulged that she and Duhamel still have a close relationship. "Josh and I are great friends," she affirmed. "A lot of those emotional songs are his favorite songs on the album. They have been there for a while."

Fergie's positive outlook has us so inspired. We're preparing our tissues for the release of her new album and we wish her and Duhamel the best.

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