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Fergie and her son Axl Jack are one of our favorite Hollywood duos, whether they're enjoying a "date night" out to see Aladdin, the musical, or crooning duets on mom's latest album, Double Dutchess (the toddler makes his adorable singing debut on the track “Enchanté”).

And it looks like we can expect another frame-worthy moment from the pair this Halloween, when they will be celebrating in coordinating costumes of Axl's choosing. “I’ve let him be the boss when it came to my costume for trick-or-treating every year,” Fergie told InStyle at last week’s Bumble Bizz launch party. “This week it’s Peter Pan that he wants to be, because we watched the movie a few times. So he wants me to be his sidekick, Tinker Bell.”

The "M.I.L.F. $" singer said the challenge now is to find a PG Tinker Bell costume. "I got to make sure it’s a family-friendly Tinker Bell for trick-or-treating. There are different ones that are the naughty type. I’m going to have to make sure that it’s a little more modest." She faced the same challenge last Halloween. "When he wanted me to be Harley Quinn last year, I went, 'Oh, lord!' " she said, laughing about the Suicide Squad movie character's fishnets-and-short-shorts outfit. "What I did is I went for the old-school comic book version, which is, you know, no skin showing.”

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At the Bumble party, Fergie wowed in a red-hot pantsuit with matching stilettos. She later changed into an even louder sequined number to perform at the after party, where she started a conga line and did the splits among guests who came out to celebrate the app's new business networking tool, including Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe Herd and co-hosts Kate Hudson, Karlie Kloss, and Priyanka Chopra. "I think it’s the perfect time right now for women to be fearless," said Fergie, praising Bumble's women-text-first rule. While the singer, newly separated from husband Josh Duhamel, said she's not quite ready to swipe her way into the dating world, she's all about connecting with musicians who want to be signed to her now music label, Dutchess Music, and will be using the platform to search for stars. "There’s power in the swipe," she said.

Scroll down for more on Fergie’s swiping philosophy, beauty secrets, and what Axl thinks for his parents' jobs. Hint: "He just knows for my job I make music and I do shows, and daddy fights Decepticons."

What’s your hair secret?
Tracy Cunningham, she always does my hair, and she puts in a little bit of an icey highlight. I do a purple shampoo and conditioner, which helps if there’s any brassiness left. It just takes away some of the yellow hues and chills it up.

Your son Axl has a small singing part on your new album. Does he like to sing, or was that a one-time thing?
Who knows?! It was probably just a one-time thing, but I was just a proud mommy, and when you hear your child singing in French, it just kind of melts your heart. But he sings around the house. I would never have my kid do anything that he wasn’t happy doing. For him, everything is an activity.

Is Axl a groupie?
You know, he doesn’t really know anything other than I have a job, and I work hard to pay for things like pizza or chocolate or pirate parties. So you have to work in order to be able to buy these things and earn them. It’s a very valuable lesson, but he just knows for my job I make music and I do shows, and daddy fights Decepticons.

With Bumble Bizz on the mind, who would be your dream mentor?
Beyoncé. She seems to know how to do it all with such grace.

Have you used the app yet?
It’s a bit too soon for me to get on my dating game—I’m just newly separated so no. But the Bizz, what I would like to use it for is, I just got my own label this last year, Dutchess Music, and Bumble Bizz is going to be great if people want to connect if they are an artist or would like to be signed. It’s a great platform to put your demo up there so I could see. Because after I tour it, I’ll be looking for who I’m going to sign, which is a really special thing because I get to pay forward the chance that a lot of people have given me in my life.

When it comes to dating apps, it’s all about the pick-up line. What professional pick-up line would get your attention on Bumble Bizz?
Something that is not basic. Something that is out of the ordinary that stands out from the rest of the crowd and sparks my interest—quirky or exciting or funny. And fearless.

Are you a fan of the swipe?
I think it’s so interesting that so many things can be done with your fingertips. That’s a very interesting concept to me. The swipe is quite fabulous.

I grew up dancing to your music in front of my mirror. Do you and Axl have at-home dance parties too?
Yes! Well, that’s how “Enchanté” started. Absolutely, we do, and some of the ones that we really love are by this frog called Crazy Frog. All the videos, they’re quite fun. There’s this one song called “Axel F,” because it’s the song from Beverley Hills Cop, named after Axel Foley, but Axl doesn’t know that yet.

He thinks it’s about him! How cute.
And F, for momma. He does “We Are The Champions” and has kind of electrified versions of these songs, so it’s like really high energy. So we just have a crazy dance party, and we have these little light machines. We also like “The Gummy Bear Song.”