Fergie is getting us ready for her forthcoming album with two new songs.

Though the release of Double Dutchess is still almost a month away, the star just debuted a new video, titled "Hungry," with Rick Ross, and it's the ultimate pop-rap mash-up.

The jaw-dropping visuals for the new track were exclusively shot in black-and-white, with Fergie rapping just as effortlessly as Ross himself. Throughout the video's dreamy trance, the Dutchess dons plenty of sultry looks, ranging from fishnets to a latex bodysuit—only adding to her badass persona.

But that's not all! Fergie also linked up with Nicki Minaj and former Black Eyed Peas bandmate for another song, called "You Already Know." And with lyrics like, "Life's a movie, let the camera roll / Fast life moving, ain't no going slow," we can only guess that we will be taken on a wild ride with the Dutchess and Minaj by our sides when the video eventually drops. For now, check out the audio below.

Double Dutchess is available for pre-order, with the official release of the album coming on Sept. 22. And if you want to see Fergie's new videos on the big screen, she also announced a visual album experience that will play in iPic movie theaters on Sept. 20.

We've got our calendars marked and headphones ready.