Fergie Reveals Her Private Sob Sessions Brought About by Mommy Shaming

Like so many ambitious mothers, Fergie has experienced various societal pressures when it comes to balancing parenthood and her career.

On Friday the singer got candid in an interview on U.K. talk show Lorraine, where she revealed how she has often been on the receiving end of hurtful mommy-shaming comments.

"It's the worst," Fergie revealed. "I remember going to the studio the first couple of times and sobbing in the car. It was the weirdest thing ever. That had never happened to me in my life. I'm going, 'What is this?'

The Double Dutchess singer didn't hold back about the double standard that exists between career-focused fathers and those of mothers like herself. "As women … the men can have all the career in the world and still have children," she affirmed. "If you're a mom and you have a career … it's the mommy shaming: 'You can't do that anymore, you're a mum!.'"

But Fergie isn't giving anything up because singing is her passion. "What am I supposed to do?" she asked. "I love singing and dancing. It's who I am as a human."

And as for co-parenting with ex Josh Duhamel, the Grammy Award winner said, "we're doing the best we can."

Of their current family time, she stated: "We're with him all the time, we're just not with him together all the time. We try to do a once a week thing where we're all three together."

Being ambitious, a mother, and a woman in this world at the same time is no easy feat. We salute Fergie for her honesty and love watching her shine.

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