Under President Trump, the Gender Pay Gap in the White House Has Tripled

New data from the American Enterprise Institute shows that female White House staffers are earning a lot less than their male counterparts.

The study took data from the White House's annual report to Congress and found that female staffers earn about 63 cents for every dollar male staffers make, according to the Washington Post, which notes that the American Enterprise Institute is a conservative think tank.

The American Enterprise Institute found this gender pay gap by comparing the median salaries of male and female staffers. The median for female staffers is $72,650 while it is $115,000 for male staffers.

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The report went on to clarify that this gap is actually worse than it has been in previous years. The gender pay gap for White House staffers was about 11 percent under President Obama, but it has risen to 37 percent under President Trump.

This means that the gender pay gap in the White House has more than tripled since President Trump took office.

Gender wage inequality is a real issue in many fields, and it seems that the White House is not exempt. We hope that this data coming to light will spark proactive change soon.

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