Credit: newyorkermag/Instagram

April 3’s New Yorker cover featured a powerful image: Four masked female surgeons, winged eyeliner on point, looking down on an operating table. The illustration by artist Malike Favre has since gone viral on social media, with women surgeons around the world sharing what their female-filled operating rooms look like in real life.

Dr. Susan Pitt was the first to replicate the image, tweeting out a photo side-by-side with the cover and writing #ILookLikeASurgeon, challenging female doctors around the world to post their own.

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And they did in groves, proving that surgery isn’t a “man’s profession” with powerful images of these badass doctors saving lives in the E.R. and beyond. “I hope to open people’s eyes and minds that women can be surgeons and anything else they want to be. That there is no such thing as ‘a man’s world,’” Pitt told BuzzFeed.

Dr. Meredith Grey would be proud.