Feline Friday: Taylor Swift's Cat Olivia Benson Might be the Cutest Kitty Around---See the New Snaps!

Taylor Swift's Cat
Photo: Instagram

Olivia Benson strikes again! InStyle's November cover girl Taylor Swift shared some shots of her adorable Scottish Fold on her Instagram account on Thursday. "Last time I let my parents cat-sit, this portrait session/photo shoot happened. There's really no telling what I'll be coming back to this time…" the singer captioned the collage of three very adorable portraits of her feline friend. Here's to hoping there will be more!

Olivia also happens to be one of Swift's favorite going out buddies—the singer has been spotted stepping out of her apartment multiple times with the too-cute cat looking calm and collected in her human's arms. One thing's for sure: We love any glimpses of Olivia that we can get!

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