Happy Birthday, Felicity Jones! See Her Best Red Carpet Looks

Felicity Jones LEAD
Photo: Ernesto Ruscio/Getty

Happy birthday, Felicity Jones! The English actress turns 33 today and if you didn't know who Jones was a few years ago, you should definitely know her now.

The actress's name quickly rose to fame after her 2014 Academy Award–nominated film, The Theory of Everything, was among the most talked-about movies of year, which rightfully earned her a nomintation of her very own.

Following her newfound fame, Jones's career is moving lightspeed ahead—especially with her role in the first-ever Star Wars stand-alone film, Rogue One. Last year, Disney revealed that Jones is starring in the action-packed spin-off, which will focus on "the characters and events beyond the core Star Wars saga."

While Jones made a name for herself well before The Theory of Everything put her on the map—she's appeared in the television drama, Northanger Abbey, and the 2010 adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest—she revealed to InStyle that she relishes her years out of the Hollywood spotlight.

"I've been lucky to have had those years to stumble," she explained in the December 2014 issue. "I got to make mistakes, and it's only now that I feel a little bit more confident about what I'm doing."

In celebration of Jones's 33rd birthday, see her best red carpet looks—here's to more dazzling moments in the future!

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