Here's Everything We Know About Felicity Huffman's Potential Jail Time

Prosecutors are reportedly pushing for the lower end of her sentencing range. 

Felicity Huffman could be facing jail time for her involvement in the college admissions scandal, but according to CNN, that sentence may be shorter than others who have pleaded guilty.

A law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN that prosecutors are seeking a sentence of four to 10 months' jail time for Huffman. The sentence, the source said, had nothing to do with Huffman's public apology on the matter. And according to the New York Times, prosecutors will push for the lower end of that range.

It was previously reported after Huffman's statement admitting guilt that prosecutors would recommend incarceration at the "low end" of the sentencing range for her, with a $20,000 fine and 12 months of supervised release. They had recommended a range of sentences for Huffman and others who plead guilty, from 12 to 18 months of jail time. TMZ originally reported at the time that Huffman would face a minimum four-month sentence.

The Times also reports that Huffman's plea agreement notes that she "reserves the right to argue" for zero to six months of jail time. Ultimately, her sentence will be up to a judge.

Felicity Huffman Court
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Last week, Huffman said in a statement that she was "in full acceptance of my guilt" over the case, and "will accept the consequences that stem from those actions." She admitted to paying a bribe of $15,000 to have her daughter Sofia Grace Macy's SAT score fraudulently boosted, and said that her daughter had no knowledge of her involvement in the scam.

Since then, Huffman has been laying low, and a source told People last week that she and husband William H. Macy are remaining a "united front" throughout the ordeal.

According to CNN, Huffman is due back in court on May 21 for a sentencing hearing.

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