They're reportedly trying to "heal" together.


Felicity Huffman is reportedly focusing on her family in the wake of her prison sentence over her involvement in the college admissions scandal.

After being sentenced to 14 days in prison at a Boston courthouse last week, the actress is back in L.A. and is trying to spend as much time as possible with her family, People reports. "The family is hanging in there, spending time together and doing their best to heal," a source told the outlet. "Felicity is getting everyone together, so they can spend time talking, and healing with each other."

On Sept. 13, the actress made a court appearance, walking hand-in-hand with husband William H. Macy. She was sentenced to 14 days in prison and a year of supervised release. She will also be fined $30,000 and serve 250 hours of community service. In March, Huffman was accused of paying $15,000 to have her daughter's SAT scores favorably falsified. She was one of dozens of parents implicated in the nationwide scam. A source also told People that Huffman was "humbled" by the sentencing.

Felicity Huffman
Credit: JOSEPH PREZIOSO/Getty Images

"The sentence Felicity received is not about a victory or a defeat," the source said. "She is not disappointed or relieved about the outcome. She is contrite and humbled and accepts the outcome. She is resigned to the fact that she has to serve her sentence and pay her dues to society."

According to CNN, Huffman's sentence will begin on Oct. 25.

Ahead of the sentencing, Macy submitted a letter to the judge presiding over her case in support of his wife, writing that the actress’s relationship "with her daughters exploded on March 12th."

"Rebuilding that relationship will be a long process," he wrote. "But I also want you to know Felicity has raised two amazing young women."

During the hearing, Huffman spoke of her sorrow over her daughter Sophia finding out about the scandal. "I can only say, I am so sorry Sophia," she said. "I was frightened, I was stupid, and I was so wrong. I am deeply ashamed of what I've done."