#FlashbackFriday Makeup Inspiration: Give Jennifer Lopez's Heavily-Lined Lip of the '90s a Modern Twist

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The '90s-era trend of contrasting your lip liner with a frosty lipstick, which Jennifer Lopez is flawlessly demonstrating above, is one of those daring looks that many of us have tried and failed at in the past, but with a few subtle tweaks, it fits right in with the ongoing ombre movement of 2015.

Instead of opting for two shades on opposite ends of the spectrum, a soft gradiation in color instantly modernizes the appearance, while still giving a nod to the era of grunge, boy bands, and MAC's Spice Lip Liner. To pull off the effect, careful layering is key—you'll want to create a gradual fade from the darker liner you use as a base, to the frosty accent at the very center of the lip, which should be concentrated there to keep things from looking too dated.

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Start by filling in your lips completely with a plum-toned pencil like Smashbox's Always Sharp in Violet ($20; nordstrom.com), then grab a matte purple color like Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics' Lip Tar in Lydia ($18; occmakeup.com) to apply over the top. Use a lip brush to pat on the color in a sheer layer, leaving the perimeter of your lips exposed, then blot with a tissue to soften the effect. Apply another coat if you want to dial up the intensity, and to finish, take a frosty lilac hue like MAC's High Strung ($16; maccosmetics.com). Dab the metallic shade in very center of both the top and bottom lips, then press them together to mix the tones and diffuse any harsh lines.

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