Fausto Puglisi Runway + The Young Pope - LEAD
Credit: Catwalking/Getty

Talk about the imitation of Christ—albeit, a more handsome version, if you're going by The Young Pope's standards. For his fall 2017 runway at Milan Fashion Week, designer Fausto Puglisi used Lenny Belardo (played by Jude Law) as his muse, creating a range of ornate pieces appropriately decked out in gold, velvet, and religious iconography.

"I started with one of my latest obsessions [Paolo] Sorrentino," Puglisi told WWD, namedropping The Young Pope's writer and director. "Rome and Naples, but twisting in a modern way like today." Personally, we're pretty thrilled that Puglisi happens to have the same tastes in TV as us, as our minds wander to potential similarities between our Netflix queues. We can almost picture iterations of the above look in particular on store shelves in time to don sexy Young Pope attire for Halloween.

Fausto Puglisi Runway + The Young Pope - EMBED
Credit: Courtesy HBO

Though the "I'm a virgin, but this is an old shirt," piece worn on-screen by Diane Keaton's character Sister Mary didn't make the cut, models worked Beyoncé a la Lemonade wide-brimmed hats and the occasional red velvet flat down the runway, both of which are on-screen signatures for Pope Pius XIII, the youngest, sassiest, and most fashion-savvy pope of them all.

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The show's elaborate aesthetic was perfectly mirrored in every aspect, from the detailed patterns and oversized pendants, without being as literal as donning Cardinal Voiello's uniform and collar. We have a pretty strong feeling Lenny Belardo would approve ... after he's had the chance to down his Cherry Coke Zero, of course.