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When it comes to Father's Day gift giving, one of the most obvious (and practical) ideas is a simple shirt and tie. Whether he wears one every day or only on special occasions, you need to remember men are creatures of habit. So if you're tired of seeing that same blue shirt and paisley tie, consider this an opportunity to give him that much needed update. We've come up with five cool combinations, below.

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Pink is no longer for woman alone. Add touch of whimsy to this rosey hue with a navy polka dot necktie.

Shop the pairing: Thomas Pink Shirt, $185; Canali tie, $95;

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A floral shirt is a bit of a wild card. Opt for a dark, muted print and pair it with an army green knit tie to give it a masculine touch.

Shop the pairing: Gucci shirt, $527; J. Crew tie, $70;

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Gingham is a summer classic. Choose one in a bright color and match it with complementary hues.

Shop the pairing: Nordstrom shirt, $50; Tommy Hilfiger tie, $29;

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One of the easiest tricks is to use the same print. Here we've matched a striped shirt with a striped necktie. To pull it off, select a wider print or a print in a different color.

Shop the pairing: Uniqlo shirt, $40; Nautica tie, $55;

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When putting together two totally different prints, choose them in the same color scheme, like this black-and-white polka dot and plaid combo.

Shop the pairing: Burberry shirt, $425; Alexander Olch tie, $150;