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Credit: Courtesy of Turntable Kitchen

With Father's Day fast approaching (it's Sunday, in case you forgot), the time is ripe for last-minute purchases and expedited Amazon deliveries for the man in your life. But in lieu of picking out something he probably doesn't want (and definitely doesn't need), why not make the day a bit more special by serving him up a #foodporn-worthy brunch? We scoured the vast abyss that is the Internet for the most deliciously Instagram-worthy dishes that are also easy to make. Here, six ideas that are sure to satisfy the big guy.

Sage Biscuit Egg Sandwich

A perfectly poached egg, sandwiched with bacon and a fluffy, tender biscuit (pictured above), or as chef Kasey Hickey likes to call it "a sophisticated Egg McMuffin." Click here for the recipe.

Croque Madame

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Credit: Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen

Chef Claire Thomas attempted (and perfected) this French classic as part of her impressive "Month of Breakfast Sandwiches" series, adjusting the original one to include prosciutto, which we applaud. The recipe is right this way.

Gruyere Stuffed French Toast

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Credit: James Ransom

What's better than French Toast? A savory version that includes a smorgasbord of breakfast delicacies—eggs, cheese, and toast—on one plate. Click here to learn how to make it.

Blueberry Pancakes

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Credit: Deb Perelman/

NYAP (that's Not Your Average Pancakes), courtesy of the Smitten Kitchen. Soft, buttery, delicious, and will likely elicit requests for seconds, thirds, and fourths. Here is the recipe.

Nutella-Filled Donuts

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Credit: Kitchen Confidante

If you've had a burning desire to make doughnuts, these blackberry jam- and Nutella-filled ones are a great way to impress dad. Click here for the recipe.

Breakfast Burrito

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Credit: Gaby Dalkin

We'd eat this wrap of eggs, bacon, cheese, roasted potatoes, salsa, and avocado for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all over again. Here is the recipe so you can too.