By Kim Peiffer
Mar 21, 2014 @ 5:45 pm
Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Carmella

Last night, Margot Robbie & Stylist Cristina Ehrlich hosted a fashionable fete in West Hollywood to celebrate new fashion line  Carmella.

The duo hosted an intimate dinner on the private rooftop garden of the Petit Ermitage hotel, where three tables had been set up for a candle lit dinner under canopies and tree branches (every guest’s seat assignment was tied to a key!).  Antique furniture, black and white photos of founder Katheryn Rice on an armoire, and the dim lighting helped set the tone for an old school, romantic evening.

"This is why I'm gravitating towards it, because it really is a lot of things that I like wearing," says Margot Robbie (pictured above, center) of her love for her cream-colored Carmella pantsuit -- and of the brand in general. "I gravitate towards monochromes. I always sort of either wear white or black or cream. I really like wearing colorful things as well, but I'm a sucker for cream-colored. And then like the silk, and the like flowy things, but it's still is flattering on a woman's body. And I don't like looking overtly sexy, but, of course, you want what you're wearing to be flattering. So that's why these clothes are nice. They kind of do it very subtly. They're very flattering and sexy in a very subtle way."

Meanwhile, Ehrlich (pictured above, right) also appreciates the line's wearability, saying they are the "ultimate kind of clothes you'd want to take on a holiday, yet perfect separate pieces that you can pair up with like a pencil skirt or like the little bolero jacket over a cocktail dress," noting the attention to detail. "Even though the silhouettes are very simple, [designer] Katheryn Rice (pictured above, left) doesn't miss a beat. So whether you've got one of the little slip dresses that has the little Chinese knot balls on the side, the symmetry was like eight on one side and then seven on the other."

With reporting by Carita Rizzo