Toast to #NYFW with This Fizzy Raspberry Cocktail

Behind the Mule Raspberry Cocktail
Photo: Andrew Kist

Fashion Week is exhausting. Whether you're enduring bumper-to-bumper traffic en route to a show or endlessly scrolling through social media at home, the stretch of seven days can feel more like seven months (and then there's London, Milian, and Paris). Suffice it to say, it's an occasion that calls for a drink. Thankfully, our friends over at Porchlight, world-renowned restaurateur Danny Meyer's new Southern-inspired cocktail bar in N.Y.C.'s Chelsea neighborhood, are here to help with their "Behind the Mule" beverage.

The sweet, acidic flavors of the raspberries in the whiskey-based drink combine with the sherry vinegar to create "a perfectly tart combination without losing the nuances of the spirit," head bartender Nick Bennett tells InStyle. Fun fact: The name of the cocktail comes from a Tom Waits song that always reminded Bennett of "a hot afternoon working on a plow and the kind of drink I might enjoy after all the work was done." We expect to throw back a few of these by week's end.

Behind the Mule


1 1/2 oz Dickel White Dog Whiskey ($25;
1/2 oz Katz's Rock and Rye ($31;
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
1/2 oz ginger
1/4 oz raspberry vinegar
2 raspberries
Ice, to taste
Seltzer, to taste


1. Build ingredients in a mixing tin and whip shake to mix.
2. Pour into a Collins glass and top with ice and seltzer.

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