Fashion Star Season 1 Finale: See the Winner and Our Top Pick!

Fashion Star, Kara Laricks
Photo: Tyler Golden/NBC (2); Courtesy of Macy's

The season finale of Fashion Star aired last night, and Kara Laricks took home the top prize—a $6 million contract with Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, and H&M! “I very specifically remember standing on that stage and thinking nothing but ‘I’m grateful,’" Laricks told exclusively. "It’s been a lifelong dream to be able to create a full collection, and see people shopping it and people loving it.” While the designer showcased collections for all three retailers last night, our top pick is the sleeveless tuxedo shift dress she designed for Macy's ($79 at With its sleek cut and black and white color palette, it's the perfect canvas for bold accessories. "I want people to be able to celebrate each side of their personality," Laricks said of her designs. "I design in a way that you can take any piece and determine how you want to style it and make it comfortable for you." Congratulations, Kara!

See the rest of the show's winning looks in the gallery!

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