Fashion shows have runways, and runways have models. But what might throw you off this season: a new crop of sidekicks to the models, that are completely unexpected.

Instead of just walking plain ol' supermodels down the Milan runways, more than one designer opted to add companions that do not fit the prototypical fashion mold. Among them: a pack of living, breathing puppies.

Cutest Runway "Models"
Credit: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

The Tod's fall 2018 collection at Milan Fashion Week included young dogs held by models like Gigi and Bella Hadid. The collection featured an autumnal color palette sprinkled with canine-motif keychains (after all, it's officially the Year of the Dog). Gigi carried a little French bulldog at her side, and other lucky models followed suit.

Tod's wasn't the only runway leaning into the "unexpected model sidekick" trend. A few days prior, Gucci models debuted surprising accessories—including severed human heads—that also raised eyebrows.

Another model at the Gucci show walked down the runway while cradling a baby dragon. While obviously not a live animal, unlike its puppy runway counterparts, it nevertheless made a standout statement that probably made more than a few viewers want to re-watch Game of Thrones.

Cutest Runway
Credit: Estrop/Getty Images

In case the Daenerys Targaryen moment wasn't enough, Gucci also sent a red snake down the runway, just because.

Cutest Runway
Credit: Pietro D'aprano/Getty Images

While puppies and dragons and snakes had their time in the fashion week spotlight, the absolute cutest mini-model of all of the 2018 fashion shows came courtesy of Collina Strada designer Hillary Taymour, who sent a human baby down the runway.

Cutest Runway
Credit: Peter White/Getty Images

Let's be honest, nobody's going to top that level of cuteness. Not even a dragon.