A Famous Fashion Influencer Was Just Name-Dropped in the Mueller Report

This is one name we weren't expecting to see.

A redacted version of the Mueller report was released on Thursday, and among the revelations, one surprising name stood out: Miroslava Duma, a Russian fashion influencer.

On page 78 of the report, Duma is referenced in a section mentioning that Donald Trump "received and turned down an invitation to the St. Petersburg Economic Forum."

So how does a fashion influencer figure into all of this? Apparently, through Ivanka Trump, who was also once a fashion industry fixture thanks to her now-defunct clothing brand.

According to the report, Duma connected Donald to Sergei Prikhodko, deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation, through her friendship with Ivanka.

"In late December 2015, Mira Duma — a contact of Ivanka Trump's from the fashion industry — first passed along invitations for Ivanka Trump and candidate Trump from Sergei Prikhodko, a Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation," the report reads.

Even if you hadn't been familiar with Duma as a major street style fixture and founder of the international digital media brand, Buro 24/7, you might have heard her name floated around last year, when she was involved in a public scandal over past offensive comments.

In a video that resurfaced in January of 2018, Duma could be heard making transphobic comments. When asked about women's clothes being worn by men, she said, “Honestly, I dislike that. Because somewhere, on TV or in a magazine, a little boy could see it. And that boy wouldn’t understand it correctly, wouldn’t react correctly.”

That same month, Duma was involved in another bit of drama when she posted a photo of flowers and a card on her Instagram that she said were sent to her by designer and friend Ulyana Sergeenko — the handwritten note was addressed to "my n— in Paris," a reference to the Kanye West song. Major backlash ensued, notably from Naomi Campbell, who voiced her anger in her own Instagram story, writing, “Seriously?! Why would you a) write this b) post this…this better not be real!”

The Mueller report is special counsel Robert Mueller's report on his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election to Congress and the public. It's not clear what, if any, consequences will come to Duma through being named in the report, but nonetheless, her name was certainly not one we were expecting to read.

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