Facial Buffing Biscuits - Lead
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They may look (and smell!) like something the foodies in our Life Etc. department whipped up, but we wouldn't recommend biting into them—the Farmhouse Fresh Facial Buffing Biscuits ($24 for four; boast more benefits for your skincare regime than your gluten-free lifestyle. "They are deceptively delicious looking, and we've had to stop people from taking a bite!" says Shannon McLinden, Farmhouse Fresh CEO, who aimed to mirror the aesthetic of products lining the shelves of organic food stores. Available in four decadent scents like Strawberry Lavender, Green Tea Cucumber, Burdock and Butter, and Mango-Poppy Seed, each pack contains a total of 16 treatments, that can be used either as a facial exfoliant or a mask.

The ingredients used are 100% natural, and while they work for just about every complexion, the breakout-prone among us will especially love the Green Tea Cucumber formula for its soothing, acne-killing abilities. Simply break one biscuit into four pieces, then place one section into a small bowl to prep your treatment. Crush it using your hands, dilute with a small amount of water, and stir until the mixture forms a paste. You can then apply directly onto your face with circular motions to use as an exfoliant, or leave on for ten minutes if you prefer a mask. They could be the all-natural answer to your summer skin issues—that is, if your roommate doesn't mistake them for a spoil from your last Whole Foods run.