AOL Build Speaker Series Presents Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan And Jamie Bell "Fantastic Four"
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Fantastic Four hits theaters this weekend, with Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell kicking ass as the superhero team in Marvel's universe. But the quartet isn’t the only squad that’s on fleek right now. Taylor Swift consistently breaks the Internet with pics of her girl group, and just this week, Amy Schumer gave us major #squadgoals when she posted an Instagram snap of her friends (Jennifer Lawrence included) forming a human pyramid. Drake also got in on the friendly fun, reuniting with his Degrassi co-stars and sharing a photo that took us down memory lane to revisit one of our all-time fave groups of high schoolers. (Fitting for an artist whose past hits include a song called "Crew Love,” no?)

With the movie theaters and our social media feeds filled with so many cool cliques this week, we decided to share some of InStyle editors’ very own squad names. Check them out below—and be prepared to reminisce about your own “Fab Five,” or sure-to-be similarly named crew.

The 14

Staff Squad - Embed 4
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“I'm not going to sugarcoat it: My high school was pretty cliquey. Since we were too naive to name ourselves as we embarked on our freshman year, an upperclassman decided to dub us 'The 14.' As evidenced above, there were 14 of us total. Unoriginal, but effective. Not surprisingly, this is the only existing photo of all of us together—you can imagine the Superwoman powers needed to wrangle that many bodies into one frame.”
- Claire Stern, Assistant Editor

The Aluminati

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Mean Girls was huge when I started high school, so we named our squad the ‘The Aluminati.’ It was a combination of Aluminum (because we thought being aluminum was one step above being a Plastic) and the Illuminati—but I promise we were all nice girls!”
- Tiffany Faure, Editorial Assistant

Dude Night

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"Dude Night originated in college when my friend's girlfriend peeked her head into the room to ask if she could watch TV. My friend Dusty just told her, 'du-dude night.' She turned away disappointed, but the name stuck"
- Alex Reside, Photo Editor

Nerd Herd

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“Two of my closest friends (Lauren & Avery) in college and I were a 'Nerd Herd.' We didn't choose the name but wore it well. We were a good combination of aloof and mischievous.“
- Rebekkah Easley, Assistant to the Editorial Director

The Ladies Club (TLC)

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“We met in daycare when we were three years old, and have been best friends ever since. As kids, our backyard shed—turned TLC clubhouse—was girls-only with the exception of a small box to house our younger brothers. We also had a pretend popcorn machine and a crafting/friendship bracelet making station.”
- Alyssa Hoersten, Assistant Art Director


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“My squad's name is KLz. We've been friends for over 15 years and grew up going to the same church—even our parents are family friends. As for the meaning behind the name, our parents all immigrated to the US from the state of Kerala (in India), so we became the Kerala Ladies.”
- Sheryl George, Beauty Editor


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“In high school, my three best friends and I were nicknamed the A-Squad because we all got straight A's and were from a town called Anacortes. Before college, one of our moms got us jackets with our squad name on the back. We also went to Build-a-Bear Workshop and made stuffed animals that said "A-Squad forever!" when you squeezed their hand. So cool, yet so lame at the same time.”
- Kelsey Glein, Associate Editor

The Mansion Girls

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“During my time at university in Toronto, Canada, I lived in a house of nine girls who soon became my best friends. Because the house had so many rooms and people living in it we called it the Mansion and the girls living there were called the Mansion Girls. Every time I go home for a visit I make sure to plan a few nights out with the Mansion Crew!”
- Kimberley Dyer, Art Design Assistant