Kelsey Glein
Nov 09, 2015 @ 12:00 pm

Is the fashion industry having a senior moment? If this lineup of cheeky T-shirts is any indication, the answer is yes. Designer Fanny Karst and blogger Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style collaborated on a limited edition line of "Old Is The New Black" T-shirts, and they have us convinced that aging never goes out of style. The collection was created to celebrate the brilliant, powerful, and gorgeous older women who have been killing it in fashion campaigns and on the runway as of late, and we'd say it does a bang-up job.

Both Karst and Advanced Style shared the same snap of Shona Grant modeling one of the tops from the collection on their Instagram accounts (above), and the older model looks très chic in the piece.

Check out more photos of the Fanny Karst x Advanced Style T-shirts below, and shop them at

Peacock #oldisthenewblack #notatyourage

A photo posted by Fanny Karst (@fannykarst) on

Not At Your Age T-shirts now on #oldisthenewblack #moniquerozier #oldisthenewgold

A photo posted by Fanny Karst (@fannykarst) on

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Shirts are back in stock @fannykarst #regram @greychichq

A photo posted by Ari Seth Cohen (@advancedstyle) on

Old Is The New Gold t-shirts are out! @daphneselfe @advancedstyle @thatsnotmyage

A photo posted by Fanny Karst (@fannykarst) on

Lyn is Gold- from our t-shirt collaboration with Ari @advancedstyle #oldisthenewblack @iconaccidental

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