Braid Hairstyle Ideas
Credit: Getty Images (2); AdMedia; INF

Stars like Hailee Steinfeld, Felicity Jones, Stacy Keibler, and Beyonce are embracing braids for fall and experimenting with a range of creative styles. “I was going to do a [braided] headband, but then I thought, ‘I have the hair to do it without the headband,’” Steinfeld told of the small hairline plait she wore to a Chanel dinner in Los Angeles last night. “I haven’t done anything like this before—I love it!” Meanwhile, hairstylist Marcus Francis gave Like Crazy star Felicity Jones a roughed-up, fishtail braid earlier this week. “I loosened the braid by gently pulling apart each side to widen it and bring out the flyaways,” he told us. “It helps to soften a structured look.” A cascading braid like Keibler’s is ideal for formal events, while a simple side braid like Beyonce’s is always classic and ultra easy. For more of the most memorable hairstyles of the year, click through the gallery!

Hannah Morrill, with reporting by Kwala Mandel