The Fall Accessories Update to Try? Velvet Shades

Velvet Shades
Photo: Kevin Sweeney

Just as your closet goes through a seasonal update, your accessories should, as well. Try out some statement-making, fall-appropriate velvet shades—big in color and deliciously plush in fabric, they're a step up from your average plastic or metal frames. Fun fact: The luxurious finish was originally developed for the interior of a Ferrari. If you're ready to commit to the trend, look to Italia Independent, an Italian lifestyle brand (Jessica Alba is a fan!), for their velvet-cloaked "UV-Lux" sunglasses ($197-$207). Unsure of how to choose from the jewel tones? If you have rosy undertones, opt for blue or green shades. If your complexion is more golden, go with red or purple. Not ready to go quite so bold? Try out a black velvet version from ASOS ($20) to seamlessly work the rich material into your wardrobe.

Plus, see 30 on-trend fall accessories under $150:

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