Say Hello to Facebook Reactions, the Newly Redesigned "Like" Button

Facebook Reactions
Photo: Facebook

The Facebook "like" button just got a makeover: Now you have not one but six different ways to express your emotion.

Today the company rolled out Facebook Reactions to the entire world after months of isolated user testing, Wired reports. While you can still use the classic thumbs up to say “like,” the update gives you the option of also saying “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad,” or “angry,” alongside a corresponding emoji.

With the understanding that not every post is “likable,” Facebook created the new way for users to interact quickly with content and narrowed down reactions to the six sentiments that users were found to express most often. Oh, and the new emojis act as GIFs when you roll your mouse over the reaction.

Somehow, Facebook just got even more addicting.

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