By Jane Asher
Mar 28, 2017 @ 12:45 pm

In yet another attempt to draw in young users, Facebook announced Tuesday it's rolling out an Instagram stories-like feature to help users connect on a more personal level on the social media platform.

With a new in-app camera feature, users can play around with different filters and effects and send those photos directly via Direct to Facebook friends, or post it on your Stories for all to see. It's like Snapchat, but instead of your 100-something Snapfriends watching your slightly sloppy 3 a.m. pizza party Story, it's your 1,000+ Facebook friends, including that high school teacher who friended you right after graduation!

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You can access the camera by swiping right from your News Feed or tapping the camera icon on the top left corner of the Facebook app. "Reactive effects let you interact with dynamic objects—like falling snow," reads a press release from the platform. "And style effects apply an artistic filter to your video in real time, letting you turn your everyday selfie into a Picasso-style work of art."

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Facebook will be partnering with upcoming movies for pop culture-themed filters, like a Wonder Woman headpiece and a Power Rangers suit. They'll also feature filters created by visual artists for uber-cool creative effects. 

"Over the coming months, we plan to introduce new ways for the Facebook community to create their own frames and effects that can be used on any photo or video created with the new Facebook camera," Facebook said. "Our goal is for the camera to be a home to hundreds of dynamic and fun effects that give you new ways to connect with friends, family, and your community."