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After it was revealed that the personal data of 87 million people was shared with British political research firm, Cambridge Analytica, many Facebook users are worried about their privacy and confused about what the revelations mean for them. In response, Facebook released changes to help users protect their privacy.

Starting today, when you log into Facebook, you’ll get a message at the top of your News Feed if your data was compromised. The message will include a link to the Help Center page that will tell you how your data may have been misused and how to delete apps you know longer want to share your data with. Even if your information wasn’t shared with Cambridge Analytica, you will get a message over the coming weeks about all the apps that you’ve used and how to delete them.

Facebook Information Leak
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Other changes made in recent weeks include restricting apps’ access to personal information through Facebook Login, Groups, Events, and Pages. The social media platform also made changes to search and account recovery after it found that “malicious actors have also abused these features to scrape public profile information.” Additionally, Facebook will not collect the content of your calls and texts on Messenger or Facebook Lite, and logs older than a year will be deleted.

Facebook says that of the 87 million users affected, approximately 70 million are from the United States. One million users each were affected in the Philippines, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom.