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Well-groomed brows have the ability to frame your face and balance your features, but unless you’re a pro, maintaining them on your own can be a risky business. The simple solution? Eyebrow threading.

The ancient Indian technique, which removes unwanted hair by twisting a cotton thread, is now one of our go-to methods for getting our brows in tip-top shape. If the technique seems rather exotic, we talked to eyebrow expert Hibba Kapil, founder of Hibba NYC, who gave us the scoop on everything you should know before booking an appointment.

Do Choose Your Technician Wisely

Don’t let the fast pace fool you—not all threading professionals are trained properly, and some might mistakenly break off the hairs instead of cleanly pulling them out of the roots. “To find a technician, social media, friends, and online reviews are your best friends,” Kapil tells InStyle. You can also book a consultation or request to see examples of your brow artist’s work, she adds.

Don’t Get Tweezer-Happy Before Your Appointment

To get the shape you want, be sure to give your brows enough time to grow in before arriving to your threading appointment. For the best results, Kapil recommends refraining from plucking and waxing for at least two weeks.

Do Communicate with Your Brow Artist

The best threading client, Kapil says, is one that has a goal in mind. And don’t just ask for a “clean up,” she says, be open to discussing the shape you’d like as well. (Consider celebrities like Cara Delevingne or Emily Blunt for inspiration).

Don’t Pile on the Eye Makeup

Before any threading service, skip the brow products, and if you’re the teary type, don’t wear any mascara, either (unless you don’t mind walking out with raccoon eyes). If you’re heading out to an event or a dinner date right after, let the artist know and they’ll try to work around your makeup.

Do Prepare for Redness

While the technique is a gentler alternative to waxing, a little post-threading redness is common. “We love a good aloe vera rub on brows after threading and then a nice rosewater soaked cold compress,” Kapil says. “If you have very sensitive skin, or are on acne medication, Neosporin or hydrocortisone cream are a good thing to keep in your bag.”

Don’t Overdo it with the Concealer

One way to disguise growth between appointments is with concealer. A brow pencil and powder will also come in handy to highlight a crisp shape, Kapil adds. Need some pointers? Here’s how to correctly highlight and carve out your brows in four easy steps.

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