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Celebrity Eyebrows
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Brows are the face’s best accessory, and with big, au naturel versions no longer just a passing trend (sorry ‘90s pencil brows), women have been forgoing tweezers in favor of statement-making versions. Imitating Cara Delevinge’s full pair is now less a matter of genetics, with brow-boosting treatments and serums at an all-time high. Two of those new to the market, Benefit’s Gimme Brow and Talika 'Lipocils' Eyebrow Conditioning Gel, are temporary and long term fixes, respectively, with Gimme Brow's fiber gel acting as a volumizer for existing brows, While Talika's gel claims to stimulate follicle growth in sparse areas with its Latisse-like formula.

While the fuller look is highly coveted, brows set the framework for your face and certainly aren’t a one size fits all approach, so it’s best to take your face shape and features into account. If you’re in need of a brow overhaul or minimal grooming, use our favorite brows in the biz as a template for replicating the best look for you, whether you have strong features and a high arch like Eva Mendes, or a naturally full, straight brow like Keira Knightley.