Rum Java Root Beer Float
Credit: Courtesy of Zeno Group

Continuing the trend of adding booze to our favorite childhood beverages (hot chocolate, milkshakes, and lemonade, just to name a few), Rob Krueger, beverage director at popular Brooklyn, N.Y.C.-based restaurant and bar Extra Fancy, has taken the classic root beer float to the next level. Krueger’s Rum Java Root Beer Float combines alcoholic root beer, coffee ice cream, and spiced rum for an unexpectedly delicious afternoon or post-dinner treat. “Since I was using ‘adult’ root beer, I wanted to find some grownup flavors to go along with it," says Krueger. "Coffee isn’t what you normally expect with a standard root beer float, but the flavor was great. Spiced rum pulls it all together and gives a little more kick." Try the recipe below.

Rum Java Root Beer Float


1 bottle of alcoholic root beer (Krueger prefers brews by Best Damn Root Beer)
1 scoop of coffee ice cream
1 shot of spiced rum


1. Pour 1/2 bottle of root beer into an ice-cold mug.
2. Add large scoop of coffee ice cream.
3. Pour remaining 1/2 bottle of root beer on top of ice cream.
4. Finish with 1 shot of spiced rum.