Exclusive: What Olivia Pope Wears on Scandal's Season Finale Tonight

Kerry Washington, Scandal
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Scandal fans got a special treat during the unveiling of ABC’s new fall programming this week with an exclusive sneak peek at the show’s explosive season finale. Trust us, something shocking is about to happen to Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and it goes way beyond the White House mole Pope’s “Gladiators” have been hunting down (and whose identity will finally be revealed!). But, let’s face it, what we’ve all really been waiting to see is what will happen between the steamiest twosome on TV, Olivia and Fitz, now that their affair is going public. Luckily, Scandal’s brilliant costume designer Lyn Paolo gave us some inside scoop on tonight’s finale—and a lesson in power dressing! Contrasting last week’s darker tones, Paolo told us you can expect to see her in lighter hues. "It has been a long time since she has been this certain of her relationship with Fitz and suddenly we are back in lighter suits," she told InStyle.com exclusively. Case in point: The pale blue Armani jacket over a cream Natori shell Olivia wears in her office (above). In true Scandal fashion though, nothing is as it seems and, "by the end of the episode, Olivia is a gladiator in a white Tom Ford jacket with crisp clean lines and a tight clasp holding in her mid-line," Paolo said. "Her waist is accentuated and her shoulders look broad enough to carry any weight." The weight of the presidency no doubt. Cliffhangers somehow seem easier to take in Tom Ford. Tune in to Scandal tonight at 10 p.m. EST on ABC for the dramatic season finale. We. Can’t. Wait.

Plus, see all of Kerry Washington’s Oliva Pope looks from season 2 of Scandal!

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— Angela Salazar

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