Exclusive Wardrobe Details From Revenge's Most Glamorous Episode Yet!

Revenge Season 3 Episode 16 Fashion Credits
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Last night's especially-glamorous Revenge certainly didn't lack for excitement! The episode opened with Emily running down the stairs in a gown after something had gone wrong at a lavish opera performance, leaving the audience wondering what happened before cutting to the events leading up to the incident. Intent on finding out why Stevie had visited her father in prison, Emily approaches her as she's leaving an AA meeting, only to be cut off by Jack. He wants her to leave Stevie out of her plans. She later spots Emily in one of his wedding photos and demands Jack to tell her who she really is. Stevie then goes to Emily's house to confront her, and unexpectedly offers her a hand -- Stevie, too, knows that David Clarke is innocent and wants to help take down the Grayson family. Emily is intrigued, but politely declines the offer. "Emily is trying so hard to protect Jack and doesn't want him to lose anyone else, so she is desperate to leave Stevie out of her plans," says Revenge costume designer Jill Ohanneson.

Pascal LeMarchal, who is Margaux's father and owner of Voulez, arrives in the Hamptons, and already seems to have a previous relationship with Victoria and Conrad. Although he introduced the two, he learns of Victoria's impending divorce and invites her out to lunch. Victoria rejects his offer, but he is persistent, and even buys her a designer gown to an upcoming opera performance. Meanwhile, Daniel presents Emily with pictures of her and Aiden, and assures her that they will guarantee the divorce. She recalls how Daniel shot her, offering a preview of the emotional testimony she plans to give the court if she moves forward with the proceedings. "Daniel has cut loose," adds Ohanneson. "He's not the earnest young boy anymore -- he's gong to control his situation, and he's turning into his father now."

Jill Ohanneson - Revenge Costume Designer
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Nolan catches Javier, a hacker and friend of his from prison, at his house, and allows him to stay for a day. Javier then tells Nolan that he had given the address to his parole officer when he was placed under house arrest, which extends his stay, but the news comes with a silver lining -- he is willing to help Jack hack into archives from Stevie's law offices, and has an idea for a web aggregator, the latter of which interests Nolan. Margaux confronts her father Pascal and tells him that he is no longer needed at Voulez, but when he arrives at the opera, she learns that Conrad has convinced him to stay on. Once the performance is in full-swing, Charlotte, who now fronts the gossip columns for Voulez, receives an anonymous tip revealing how Emily faked her pregnancy. Victoria causes a scene in the lobby, and Emily makes a run for it, only to be bombarded by paparazzi on her way out. As she is served her divorce papers by Daniel and is kicked out of Grayson manor the next morning, Emily assures Nolan and Jack that this is all part of her master plan. To her surprise, Jack wants in, and he thinks Pascal had a role in what happened with Emily's father. Each week, we catch up with Ohanneson, who spills exclusive details on what everyone wore, and the backstory behind each piece. Click through our gallery to see what she had to say!

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