By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Dec 22, 2014 @ 5:15 pm
Stacey Dash - Clueless
Credit: REX USA

When it comes to describing the '90s classic that is Clueless, the term "iconic" comes to mind, but in truth, it doesn't even begin to break the surface. For many of us, the movie defined not only the era, but teenage girlhood in general, and it's clear that its legacy lives on almost 20 years later. Yesterday, Stacey Dash (a.k.a. Dionne) paid a visit to the InStyle offices, and after much time spent fangirling, we caught up with the star to chat about the cult film that is Clueless, and her famed role as Dionne. "I'm so proud to be part of such an iconic film! I have a daughter, so I'm happy I have something I can be proud of and share with her. It was so innovative, and we all got along so well," Dash tells us. "As much fun as you see on screen, we had every single day. After that movie, Amy Heckerling started a trend, but no movie got it right like Clueless, and no movie got it right since Clueless." True, Mean Girls did come close, but the differences lie in the, well...mean, and competitive nature of The Plastics. "We weren't mean girls, we were just rich!" Dash adds with a laugh.

Once the credits rolled, Cher ended up with Josh (spoiler alert!) and went on to live what we assume was a happily-ever-after life, and thanks to Donald Faison's role on Scrubs, we're assuming Murray took the pre-med route after graduating from Bronson Alcott High School. We just had to ask Dash---what does she think Dionne would be up to these days? "I think she would probably be a fashion editor at a magazine," she says. Considering the fact that she and Cher both hopped on the Athleisure trend decades before the term was even coined, we'd have to agree.