Exclusive! Santigold Spills On Her First-Ever Makeup Collection With Smashbox

Santigold for Smashbox
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It's the end of the world as we know it, but singer Santigold feels -- and looks -- fine!

For her upcoming makeup range with Smashbox, the edgy singer looked to post-apocalyptic references to create a bold collection of high-impact shadows, flattering lip glosses, punchy liners and more.

"After everyone started saying 2012 was the year the world would end, I did a little research about the legends and theories behind it, and I came across a beautiful myth about a feathered snake called Quetzalcoatl, who comes back to restore balance on the Earth," she tells InStyle exclusively. "I based my line on this golden age, which I'm calling the Santigolden age. It's a visual theme that runs through the colors and patterns in the collection."

The collection marks a first for both the brand and the star -- in addition to being Santigold's debut into the world of beauty collaborations, this is the first time Smashbox has teamed up with a celebrity. Santi even went the extra mile to introduce a new nail category with her printed decals, as well as a pyramid-shaped lip gloss ring, featuring a coiled snake with emerald green eyes. "I wanted to have one piece that was really special and could outlast the whole collection even after you used all the products," she says of the piece, which holds a peachy hue called Still Kickin'. "It's kind of like a superpower toy! It adds a flush to your lips, but you can also put it on your cheeks if you ever get caught out there with no makeup."

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“You can also put it on your cheeks if you ever get caught out there with no makeup,” says @Santigold.

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While the Santigolden Age collection may initially appeal to bright color enthusiasts, the products are just as versatile on shy violets. We love how the shadows can be balanced by a swipe of translucent gloss, or amplified with the shimmery liners. "It works for a lot of different types of girls," says Santigold. "I could see a more adventurous girl wearing it, but I know my mom and her friends wanna wear it, too!"

Find the Santigolden Age for Smashbox collection at Sephora stores and smashbox.com starting April 1.

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