Credit: Towne & Reese

Emily Maynard has always been a fan of the Charlotte-based jewelry line Towne & Reese (she wore a ton of it on her season of The Bachelorette), and now the single mom is collaborating with the brand to create her own line, available on her site,, beginning July 10. "Each piece reflects my style," Maynard told "Some days I wake up and dress very ladylike with heels and pearls, and the next day I'll wear combat boots and ripped jeans, but that's the fun part of being a girl." Her collaborators Town & Reese, started by former advertising executives Christi Pack and Jessica Stanfield, is budget-friendly, with each piece named after friends of the duo's daughters -- who just happen to be named "Towne" and "Reese." Maynard did the same with her collection. “Ricki [Maynard’s 7-year-old daughter] had a lot of fun naming each piece after one of her friends,” Maynard said. “She went through the whole yearbook!” In fact, with 63 pieces in her first collection, the reality star joked that Ricki is going to have to make some more friends come next season. Maynard visited antique marts for inspiration, so expect to see some vintage pieces, along with some tribal-inspired designs with turquoise. The one thing you shouldn't expect to see? A line of bridal jewelry. "I haven't had that good of luck," she demurred, "so I don't know. I wouldn't want to jinx someone." Click through the gallery to see some of the pieces from her new line, available July 10.